Don't Forget That the AGM (Annual General Meeting)
is on Wednesday 6th February 2019

Paddockwood Social Club @ 20.00 hrs
Don't let the Committee have it all their own way, If a new rule is made, HAVE YOUR SAY.
If they make a rule you disagree with and your not there, how can you dispute it later.
Don't tell them I told you but I believe some changes to the Competitions could be imminent.
It's also nice to meet those you haven't seen for a while and compare notes.
Hopefully, See You There.

Before contacting any Committee member for help or information with any problem,
Please check the back of your Membership Card for Padlock combinations or Website to see if this can solve your problem.
The Committee Member will not be amused if the problem can be solved by this simple method.
The Website is there for your help and information, Please try using it, you may be suprised by yourself and how easy it is to use.

Half Season Fees
From th 1st October till 31st March there will be no Joining fee, so the fees will be:

  Senior ( No Joining Fee )
  Senior Citizen ( No Joining Fee )
  Junior ( No Joining Fee )
  Senior and Partner ( No Joining Fee )
  Senior Citizen and Partner ( No Joining Fee )

Due to Bailiffs finding Leadcore leaders still attatched to fish, it has been brought up at the monthly meeting and discussed. The result being that this sort of practice
to the health and well being of our fish stock cannot and will not be condoned and on further consideration it has been voted that Leadcore be banned
no ALL Club waters with IMMEADIATE EFFECT. Anyone found using leadcore of any description on their tackle will instantly have their membership cancelled.

To this effect all bailiffs have been instructed to stepup the spotchecks of tackle being used by mermbers for both Leadcore and Barbed hooks.
Failure to comply with this reasonable request from a bailiff will also put your membership in jeapody.
Any grief given to bailiffs carrying out this request will be reported and looked on very seriously, they are only doing their job and must feel safe doing so.
The committee apologise for this drastic action, but is necessary for the few that are spoiling it for the many, and the committee MUST take the welfare of the fish first.

Chairman Mr. A. J. Waghorn Secretary Mr Richard Barham Treasurer Gordon Cumming
  3 Kent Close   25 Herons Way   72 Darwin Road
  Paddock Wood   Pembury   Welling
  Kent   Kent   Kent
  TN12 6JG   TN2 4DW   DA16 2EG
01892835732 / 07519022909
  01892823967 / 07854411682   020 8304 2402

President John Willard Treasurer Gordon Cummings Fisheries Officer Ken Kullman
Vice President Alf Paice Secretary & Mem.Secretary Richard Barham Ass Fisheries Officer Frank Wilkins
Vice President To Be Arranged Fisheries Manager Steve Haynes Ass Fisheries Officer David Growns
Vice President George Haynes Ass. Fisheries Manager Appointment Pending    
Chairman John Waghorn Comp Sec/Match Captain Richard Harris    
Vice Chairman Gary Wozney Ass Comp Sec/Match Captain Paul Berwick Press Officer Michael Bell

Listed are the members of the Clubs Committee, their address and contact details. Please remember that they give their time freely and as such are intitled to a family life.
If you need to contact them for any reason, please remember to do this within the working day at a respectable time.
If it's for an urgent Guest Ticket, use the Email or Texting facility provided. We all sometimes decide to go on the spur of the moment so.....

Latest Newsletter has been uploaded, Please take the time to read as some items
have been changed which could concern you, ignorance will not be an excuse.

It has com
e to the committee's attention that we are receiving application forms with either not enough postage or the envolope is too small, to which a committee member has to travel to the Post Office to collect the letter and pay any overdue postage. So in future if you do not supply the correct postage or use the correct envelope ie. It MUST be a C5 envelope (162mmX229mm. 6.4"x 9") your membership will not be sent out until the extra cost incurred by the Club is received.
This will of course stop you from fishing on any of the Clubs waters, as you will not have a current Membership Card. So it is your best interest to comply with the rules.
You may pay the additional cost by sending stamps instead of paying extra for Postal Orders.

When Internet Banking can you please if you are renewing, put your Name and Membership Number in the Reference Box.
If you are a New Applicant please put your name in the Reference Box. This is so we know who the payment is from.

If approched by either a bailiff OR a Current Member and asked to produce your Membership Card, you MUST comply with this request as, on all Application Forms it states that all members should bailiff Club Waters
as part of their
membership agreement.
Any refusal to comply with this request/rule Could place your membership in jeopardy.

On all Application Forms, due to Data Protection, we now have to ask if we can keep your details on record.
If you agree, tick the box provided. If you don't tick the box we don't know where to send and updates etc.
Example: If at a committee meeting we update a rule and you haven't been informed.......
(ignorance is no excuse remember)

Subscriptions for existing members MUST be in by 15th April 2018 to avoid paying the joining fee again.

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